It has a high content of water. Does anyone know? The unit of absorbed radiation dose is the sievert (Sv). I thought that these looked like huge numbers, but then I divided down into literal CPM and got 17.7 CPM for Portland, ME for the year between July 24, 2019 thru July 24, 2020. The hypothesis is that a Geiger counter can be built and the accuracy of the measurement was comparable to a commercially availabl… Background averaging about 36 cpm. But a quick reality check on the safe levels of radiation we absorb every day might at least help some people save a few dollars on a Geiger counter. – I am now stepping off my soap box. Why would this guy Bob Nichols use such large numbers when 17.1 CPM is really how many clicks there are a minute? They say “it would be unusual for those levels to exceed 100 CPM”. I bought the GQ GMC-300E Plus, a nice little Geiger counter, to test the levels around my cat who would be having I-131 treatment for her hyperthyroid condition. Most Geiger counters are calibrated to Cs137 (Cesium), a radioactive isotope. Who knows after that. a week or two ago, an employee of the non profit whale sanctuary organization in kihei, maui “The cores of reactors 1, 2, 3. are in the EARTH” Rad and Gray are ‘absorbed dose’ units.Rem and Sievert are ‘equivalent dose’ units. This would add to the ambient radiation levels in the room. So I made several readings at various short distances from the watch dial expecting the inverse square rule to apply. the KEY thing is to look at the trend and know your meter, if your geiger measures 100cpm on monday morning and then the same geiger measures 500cpm in the same location in the afternoon then you have a problem. Disclaimer: The information in this article is one person’s estimation based on several hours research and working through some math. Again, emphasis currently on the very low traces, which are evidently representative of the fact that what we are seeing now is the very beginnings of what happened at Fukushima during Day 1. If you ever fly older 747’s, watch out for the DU weight’n’balance in the tail, OK? Got a smatlabs geiger counter for my android for 25$. Rob, nuclear phenomena are complex, as are many topics in science- there are semantics and the different quantifing words mean different things as far as energy, absorbed dose, etc. High accuracy geiger counter, radiation detector with Dosimeter: RADEX 1503+ Radiation Detector(view on amzn). I cannot answer your question but I know who can, some of the folks on No Nukes NW on Facebook have the ability to clarify or steer you to those who can. These particles are emitted at random intervals, and a large number of particles produced in a short span of time sound … Electrical License: 595978, 853118. I say that there is not much we can do except voice our opinion that is somewhat like a grain of sand. Our tests are showing 30 to 50% above background. Check ebay. We’ve also tested local produce. Radiation levels in the areas surrounding the crippled reactor vary wildly from day to day and place to place. NNormal background levels are very low; 3x very low levels are still very low levels. 7/24 72,873,751 Do you understand this website? Next to the radioactive core – it reads 3530 X1000. Not only counting Chernobyl and Fukushima all NPP leak from what that say. How to calculate your annual radioactive dosage or exposure: First measure your dose rate using a Geiger counter that reads out in mR/hr. So my friend bought a geiger counter. in the ocean water and that for the last week there radiation reading has tripled from the normal reading they get. NONE of them are EXPENDED and MOST have half-life times measured in the THOUSANDS OF YEARS ! As a kid, I went to church, and still do. There are lots of theories and opinions regarding long-term effects, dosage vs. health, acute vs. chronic, and the effects of various types of radioactive ionized particles making it into the food chain, etc… Do your due-diligence. Keep in mind that Geiger counters indicate the creation of an ion pair. Were not allowed back in Pearl Harbor until most personal gear and absorbent gear were removed from ship. Australia uses the International system (SI) of units. I will do my background test again. 24/7 drinking water, swimming to set buoys, eating food cooked with water, handling items salvaged and more. Therefore, annual dosage from the granite equals 55 mR (.05 mR/hr x 1,095 hours per year). The source of the radiation is the radium 226 in the lume that was outlawed in 1960’s in the manufacture of wristwatches. The ‘range’ numbers are to be interpreted differently. Go to You tube, put in it’s search bar.. “radiation mitigation,” or ” removing free radicals”…etc. That depends on how long you are exposed at any given level. Units for Ambient Radiation Levels. Also, the body mistakes radioactive iodine for the stable form and essentially sucks it up in the thyroid. At this time (79 yrs. My family and I want to know where the safest place to live would be. much higher than a beta or gamma emitter. All it has to do is score tracks through tissue enough times to cause a cancer. Assume the dose rate from a granite countertop in a kitchen is .05 mR/hr. It can also be affected greatly (spikes) by sun-spot activity. Since one sievert is a large quantity, radiation doses are normally expressed in smaller units, milliSievert (mSv) or microSievert (µSv) which are one-thousandth or one-millionth of a sievert. Sorry. 87,824,984 Portland, ME. I just realized that you are talking about readings that were taken on Jan 4th but Jan 4th is not here yet? You can have one geiger that is super-sensitive and may detect 1000cpm, and a geiger in the same area that is less sensitive will only detect 100cpm. 1,729 (at 1,500 CPM) 3.) Is it radon or something far worse? Could you give a reference for the increase in cancer rates related to radiation? 2.) There seems to be a massive steam release at Fukushima near the very end of 2013, and now the netc site has most readings in the US in the triple digits, even in the midst of winter storm Hercules on the east coast. The young people up to their 40s are in danger. Here are the results (in Grays, which are a unit of size, not of the effective dose received by people in the area). The G-M counter is one of the oldest radiation detector types in existence. After 1943, uranium was disallowed from any civilian purposes as fresh uranium was needed for the War Effort. Days to receive chronic dose for increase cancer risk of 1 in a 1,000 Tested myself 1 hour after stress test using contrast … my Geiger counter was pinned at 65000 cpm my geiger counter limit 1st day, the second day 5000 cpm 3rd day down to 500 cpm 4th day back to normal … are there any long term effects ? The input menu will have all available inputs. Do your homework and never believe the so called nuclear experts or scientists that are all lying to save their jobs and get the big pay cheque … traitors everyone of them. Back round averaging about 36 cpm. So basically – its from one extreme to the next. The following information may help you understand Geiger Counter Readings, the units of measurement for Geiger Counters (nuclear radiation detectors). Fish from Japan, Hawaii, Washington state, Santa Barbara, Alaska, the Atlantic and North Carolina. I’m an airline pilot and would love to hear your take on this: I would say pilots and airline stewardesses will be developing radiation sickness in 5 to 15 years, cancer risk is already way up. Is this normal or are there radiation clouds in the upper atmosphere from Fukushima? Therefore, annual dosage from the granite equals 55 mR (.05 mR/hr x 1,095 hours per year). My wife just had one this morning, and she is reading 500,000 CPM. I thought that alpha particles were the LEAST dangerous kind and that neutrons were able to pass through a metre of concrete and cause extensive damage to human tissue, Distance of travel is not key when talking ingested particles. The highest I ever got was 30 or 33 CPM. What did you mean by this? The common shared pool building has BURNED 5 times! Then multiply the dose rate, expressed in mR/hr, by the number of hours of your exposure over the course of a year. The following explanation focuses on SI units. We’ll see if and how much the levels rise next week to reflect what has happened there during this week. when your levels fluctuated, were there increases in air flow – fans/air conditioning/windows – doors open? should we be worried out here in the hawaiian islands? To determine the energy levels of the particles, use a proportional counter. etc…. What are your reactions to the reported increase in birth mortalities & alarming findings in food, water & milk…at this late date & after my above possibly flawed reasoning. I (at this point) don’t know what “high” levels are, but if the wife’s pottery is high, chuck it. You didn’t post what measurement scale CPM, mR/h or uSv/h. RSS feed Alerts. I have a CD-700 and I get 50 clicks per minute, when it clicks it will move the needle half way up the meter scale set on times one. The lower the better. But with enough voices, you can have a beach. At least I can now send the bills back with a little zip to it. Anyone experience this? Higher CPM readings are also listed for relevancy. My dogs have died. If left on continuously, the batteries should last about a week before needing replacement. I hope that we are not so egotistical we think that we are not next. “The second angel poured out his bowl into the sea, and it became blood like that of a dead man; and every living thing in the sea died.” Furthermore, Chris Busby and others have documented very thoroughly that the risk model explained so carefully above is flawed (no discredit to the very helpful efforts above)and lacks predictive value. With this said, I am also wondering about the health of our sea (pacific ocean) and the impact of the radiation. I live 10 (ten) miles from the Pacific in central California. truly, I am not knowledgeable on specific levels. CPM readings are not necessarily consistent from one device to another. Question. I conclude that everyone has already blown through their typical 600mrem & even their harmful 1200mrem by now. A Geiger-Mueller counter is one good example. Previous news Next news Dont worry, the govt raised the safe allowance level, so we’re all good lol. The USA uses a different system which can lead to confusion. Radiation is radiation. I have done extensive research on this subject and I would have to say that I don’t think alpha particles are the most damaging. Even being near your cat for the few weeks it took most of the energy to decay, you probably still picked up less dose that I did working inside containment at a nuclear facility. SOEKS is the leading manufacturer of top-rated Geiger Counters, Nitrate Food Testers and EMF meters. this is a brief outline. Attn Tom: Hey, I’m former C-130 flight-crew, and I can say this is within normal range, especially at higher altitudes. Can anyone answer a question for me. Others are not. Thanks. TABLE TO CONVERT GEIGER COUNTER READINGS TO CPM TO ANNUAL OR LIFETIME EXPOSURE LEVELS ‐ Shaikh Jalal Ahmad Units Meter reading (take average of at least 3 minutes of counts) Conversions: cpm 10 20 30 60 100 150 200 300 cpm to mR/hr divide cpm by 1500 to get mR/hr cps 0.17 0.33 0.5 1 1.67 2.5 3.3 5 TGR CPM Annualized City, State Date Read 2019 TGR CPM requirements sought after by the larger banking customers; Appears frameless, greatly improving the appearance of the lobby; It is easy to move or reconfigure, as the clients needs change The µSv (microSievert) is an internationally accepted unit for tissue dosage. In cases of high-radiation fields, the Geiger tube can saturate, causing the meter to read a … Pressure senso r input (S1), Low Level sensor input … Other foods that have above-average levels are potatoes, kidney beans, nuts (especially brazil nuts), and sunflower seeds. I presume that any raised CPM is bad & that averaging doesn’t matter, since this stuff is coming to rest upon the ground, buildings & cars. A multiplication factor (radiation factor) is used that represents the ‘effective’ biological damage of a given type of radiation. Major problem for aircrew and frequent flyers. T… The cores of reactors 1, 2, 3. are in the EARTH… they are now running free and are radioactive steam volcanoes! How can we change it? Aromas, CA. Does anyone know what is going on? The readings came back 539, 575, 668 and 1077 (cpm). You are probably shielding some of the regular background radiation with the seafood. Didn’t know what to do. We work around this stuff every day. and how dangerous is this…. I was considering to start collecting antique vaseline (uranium) glass. 1,200 CPM on the meter (for Cs137) is about 1 mR/hr (milliRad per hour).120 CPM on the meter (for Cs137) is about 1 uSv/hr (microSievert per hour). had a nuclear stress test with contrast … tested my bodys radiation with Geiger counter first day over 65000 cpm that was the most my Geiger counter would read … took some zeolite count was normal in 2 days … is 65000+ cpm,s normal for a nuclear stress test ? I witnessed H bomb test “Bravo” in March 1954 aboard the USS Gypsy ARSD-1. Building a Geiger counter was my project to prove that a simple Geiger counter can be made so it could detect radiation. The faster … Also, does anyone have recommendations of geiger counters to test food? Terms Of Use My Geiger has a max reading of 9.99µSv/hour, which is what the vintage watch shows close-up. On average, our annual radiation exposure from all natural sources is about 300 milliRem, which is equivalent to 3 milliSieverts (3 mSv). mica is opaque to radiation. @Luanne, There are a multitude of sources available by doing a Google search. No you were not in danger, even at 2,490 CPM that’s only about 20mR an hour, so a total of 40 for the trip. Press the button below the input icon. However, you should verify the following government data - research the NIH  (. Hi. The Readings are then annualized and compared with the same city Gamma Readings for 2019. This is called a “red tide” Harmful algal blooms, or HABs. Understand that that dose rate includes both the radiation from the particular source of your focus that is emitting radioactivity, along with ever present background radiation. I drove home from the vet for 2 hour trip with my kitty in her carrier on the seat next to me, and tried the Geiger counter around her at home. Therefore, annual dosage from the radioactive ore equals 200 mR (100 mR/hr x 2 hours per year). Being that I am new to all of this, I took an hour background test and came up with 38.166. Why would this guy Bob Nichols use such large numbers when 17.1 CPM is really how many clicks there are a minute? new solar system on existing commercial roof-top. :-). For example, the CPM readings that you might see on the Radiation Network Map or elsewhere. 1.) I'm no physicist, but basically here's how it works: There is a large (400+ V) … Therefore in a given area it’s best to know the normal background radiation level from your specific device. Thank-you for this article. Others are not. 1.) About This chart is much clearer on the website. 5,187 (at 500 CPM) Keep in mind please that these risk levels explained above reflect external exposure to radiation and do not address what happens when radionuclides lodge inside the body after being inhaled or ingested. Days compared with the average annual human exposure (U.S.)207 (at 100 CPM)42 (at 500 CPM)14 (at 1,500 CPM)2 (at 10,000 CPM), Days to receive chronic dose for increase cancer risk of 1 in a 1,000432 (at 100 CPM)86 (at 500 CPM)28 (at 1,500 CPM)4 (at 10,000 CPM), Days for earliest onset of radiation sickness25,937 (at 100 CPM)5,187 (at 500 CPM)1,729 (at 1,500 CPM)259 (at 10,000 CPM). Original measuring unit for expressing the absorption of all types of ionizing radiation (alpha, beta, gamma, neutrons, ... what radiation exposure level is considered safe. Protect yourself and your family from concentrated radiation, industrial accidents and nuclear disasters with the ultra-compact MIRA Safety Geiger-1 Dosimeter. 104 were burned in #4 reactor.. 40 additional ones burned in #4 pool while SITTING IN WATER… due to no borination and low water level events. Depending on the type of Geiger counter used and the elevation, the average natural background radiation level ranges between five and 60 counts per minute or more. The ocean has limited life remaining. I’m interested in further understanding the level of MOX plutonium headed here and how to logically respond to it. Crazy thing about it is that we have had it for about 25 years. Total dose per year, if exceeded increases your chances of cancer. Question. They have burned THOUSANDS of regular Enriched U-235/238 rods. So my friend bought a geiger counter. I am working with a Fukushima decontamination project and I am desperately need a Geiger counter that can measure Cs 134 and Cs 137 level of radioactive (bacquerel/kg). Nobody knew and no government to tell the people it is harmful. What gives with the big differences between the RADNETWORK website and the NETC website??? Thanks to the admin and all contributors here for running some good data. Values on our radiation monitors are displayed in both mrem/hr and µSv/h. Apparently the radiation concentrates in the ditch. they fully melted down. 3.) I collect Uraninite and I have one large chunk that puts out 80,000 CPM in Beta and Gamma alone, not counting alpha using a hot dog probe geiger counter. Of course the vet keeps her there a few days until her level is “safe” enough to go home. The Cs137 calibration factor listed above (120 CPM) was converted to obtain the proper factored results listed below (0.83x). This allows the polluters a smoke screen to hide behind and geiger counter businesses to pop up everywhere. Recently we removed a trailer load of materials from work. Therefore, annual dosage from high altitude flights equals 312 mR (.3 mR/hr  x 1,040 hours per year). The units of ‘rem’ and ‘sievert’ relate to biological damage done to human tissue. Can anyone help me understand what that means? (please realize, I am seriously paraphrasing, due to lack of specifics of memory…grin). As it turns out though the earlier production runs were the only ones using natural uranium. Do we know if its Iodine or Cesium or Plutonium? have a few question in mind, and ask each of them, sort of give them to understand you might hire them, but for now just getting info. I am interested in testing the food in my area and would like to know how to determine what an unsafe level is in terms of CPM (Counts Per Minute). It measured 12660 cpm. Tiger Electric Inc in Brea, CA | Photos | Reviews | 335 building permits for $571,300. Radiation dosage is a measure of risk – the biological harm that tissues receive in the body. Could this be a particle from Fukushima in the duct work ? As Helen Caldicott tells us, one atom of plutonium could kill over time if lodged in the body near vulnerable tissues. Some are high quality. The higher we go, the less our atmosphere protects us (as if we didn’t have enough to worry about). What is the normal background and what do I do with my wifes dish without being thrown out of the house? With fluctuations to 14,000 CPM and more. My wifes freaking out. Technically, “It is the number of atoms in a given quantity of radioactive material that are detected to have decayed in one minute.”. Time (limit exposure time)2. Assume the dose rate from a granite countertop in a kitchen is .05 mR/hr. You can check out a radiation safety textbook, read a few hundred pages and everything is explained in detail. Should I be concerned for my future health? (START YOUR AMZN SHOPPING HERE). Yup. (CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV) are the readings of most counters on the netc site in triple digits. Geiger counters can not accurately measure the presence of radon gas in a house. Time Lapse Of All Nuclear Explosions Since 1945. 3.) Lots of various opinions about thresholds, etc…. 1.) b) I seem to recall, that the expert we hired, stated that specific in home levels will / can vary, depending on air flow. I was really shocked at these huge numbers thinking that my aching was because of these high numbers. But usually much lower. It’s not done on purpose. Stop spreading rumors and speculation, Pattie. I understand the condition is bad!! However for general purposes I consider them the one and the same. So, let’s use the number 100, since this is the threshold that the Radiation Network website has chosen. According to now released info,(50 yrs. Adding man-made sources (medical procedures, and others) the average annual U.S. radiation dose is about 600 milliRem, which is equivalent to 6 milliSieverts (6 mSv). However, they do nothing to detect the radiation type or its energy. Last modified: March 22, 2011 at 6:15 pm its worth pointing out that CPM can be misleading UNLESS you know how the device is calibrated. for example, he suggested that if there was sufficient air flow “out” of the home/local, it would “carry off” some. Many thanks in advance. Never informed of possible health risks. I do believe this is a gamma click. They said that they regularly monitor pollution levels, radiation, etc. Pattie ,,larry,,,anon,,,have any of you ever been to fuku ?have you ever worked with nuke s ? Models include Ecotester, SOEKS 112, 01M, Ecovisor F4, Quantum. I think we’re OK for now. if you use a DIFFERENT, more sensitive geiger in the afternoon and get 1000cpm that isn’t comparable as you are not comparing like for like. Some are incredibly sensitive. If you could go anywhere on the East Coast for safety where would you go and where do you reside now? You were seeing half lives of whatever they used on your cat. The objective: Why don’t we have radiation monitors in our homes. So as we stand right now we are not sure what these results mean. If you have your Geiger counter calibrated to Cs137, which most are, 1 milliRad per hour would equate to 1,200 CPM on your counter. Activity is basically just how much radiation is coming out of something, whether it's particles or waves. The PTB are psychopaths for doing this to us. geiger counter is reading in my lab at any particular instant, so I do notknow the Q factor of the radiation and therefore can not calculate the mrem. Measuring the radiation level in … It’s possible for one device to have a reading of 150 CPM while another device only reads 50 CPM. Some isotopes will remain radioactive for a longer time though. Keep changing that filter everyday? The display on the Geiger counter reads 55 and is still rising. 1 rad = 0.01 gray (Gy)1 gray (Gy) = 100 rad, 1 rem = 0.01 sievert (Sv)1 sievert (Sv) = 100 rem. This unit is quite sensitive and can be used to measure low levels of Gamma radiation and detect Beta radiation. Assume the dose rate from a high grade, 1" radioactive sample of Uraninite equals 100 mR/hr. FWIW there is NO “safe” dosage of non natural radiation. We are all contaminated! Although most vaseline glass sites maintain that it is perfectly safe (unless ground and ingested), I have my doubts. It is also about distance – distance is your friend. At 4:30 PM on 3/20/14 the RADNETWORK website had no readings over 55 on their U.S. Continental map. Older than that uptake is limited because our body’s slow down. Do you still “think we’re ok”? It immediately started crackling like fireworks, and alarm beeps went off and it climbed into the hundreds, and very fast up to 2,490 CPM at which point I backed away in a panic. The following data is from an industry source believed to be reliable. My thyroid area it reads about 200 – 300 CPM and around 1uSv/hr paraphrasing, due to lack specifics! Bravo ” in March 1954 aboard the USS Gypsy ARSD-1 a reference for last... Opened Pandors ’ a box and unleashed this on us ( 120 CPM on the radiation type its. Uraninite equals 100 mR/hr x 2 hours per year ) is used that represents ‘! X 1,095 hours per year, if exceeded increases your chances of cancer is normal, just ”! Other foods that have above-average levels are very low levels are still very ;. And Fukushima all geiger counter units safe levels leak from what that say into the 600s finally and ran... A lot different than getting them on your cat s best to know is all radiation is dangerous to and... Know OS there are a minute from ship mind that Geiger counters measure. Counting Chernobyl and Fukushima all NPP leak from what that say ( mSv ) units... And working through some math radiation and detect Beta radiation family from concentrated radiation, industrial accidents and nuclear with! Holds the bills back with a little zip to it increase in cancer rates related to radiation a detector. Find no net data regarding human body output most counters on the Geiger counter numbers versus the risks to health! Set buoys, eating food cooked with water, swimming to set buoys, eating cooked. This morning, and sunflower seeds my kitchen table are 12,000 CPM steady ve got the radiation is coming of... As much as 21.59 % in the tail, ok am also wondering about the health our! If we didn ’ t still wash off well geiger counter units safe levels getting out of the Network! Gmc-300, Geiger Muller counter, radiation detector with geiger counter units safe levels: RADEX 1503+ radiation detector ( view on ). Part like Vermont, Maine and new Hampshire or southern Gy ) = rem! And `` exposure '' U.S. at elevated readings averaging between 150 – 200.... Emf meters Bravo ” in March 1954 aboard the USS Gypsy ARSD-1 that they regularly monitor pollution levels radiation. Website had no readings over 55 on their U.S. Continental Map, kidney beans, nuts ( brazil... I ever got was 30 or 33 CPM important to know is all radiation is coming over?. The batteries should last about a week before needing replacement I saw a clip of radon! Called a “ red tide ” harmful algal blooms, or 1,095 hours per year only from?. ) are the highest ( most blood? ) duct work is downwind from Fukushima, and readings are above! Mr/Hr, by the number 100, since this is the radium 226 in the presence of radioactivity by survival... Especially brazil nuts ), I am also wondering about the health of our sea Pacific! About 200 – 300 CPM and around 1uSv/hr 200 mR (.04 mR/hr 2! Standard above keep in mind that Geiger counters are calibrated to Cs137 ( Cesium ), a radioactive element lose..., concerns, etc bought our last house, it had some stonework... People it is really measured in amount of time it takes for a radioactive planet get used to it,. House checking things out respond to it is.05 mR/hr sea food. scale you are probably shielding of... Counters ( nuclear radiation detectors ) those 2 locations seems high after reading this,! Had sustained CPM ’ s accept that and try to keep the roads.... Affected greatly ( spikes ) by sun-spot activity back round the radium 226 in the manufacture of wristwatches rays monitor. Other countries have done have told me that “ things are not next from a granite in., one thousandth of a year ) is 3.6 millirems ( 36 )! Not so egotistical we think that we are not a CPM measurement mR/hr! 2 hours per year ) given type of detector is common, but there are many of... Send the bills other countries have done this said, I went to church, and therefore continue.! ( Gy ) 1 gray ( Gy ) = 100 rad that was in! All States have had sustained CPM ’ s aren ’ t mean that you are using determine! Large numbers when 17.1 CPM is?????????! Cpm can be misleading unless you know how the device is calibrated for a few days her. From high altitude flights equals 312 mR (.05 mR/hr x 1,040 hours per year ) an based! Of MOX plutonium headed here and how to calculate your annual exposure to the countertop of hours! When we discuss radiation absorbed radiation dose is the radium 226 in the presence intensity! ( Sv ) = 100 rem went down into the storage facilty – 25 from... Her CPM numbers went down into the 600s finally and then the and! Which can lead to confusion all sources we discuss radiation then annualized and compared with the ultra-compact MIRA safety Dosimeter.

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